Day: Three French Hens
Theme: The Little Red Hen
Work organised by: Pippa Jones (Art Co-ordinator)
Art produced by: Children in Class 5 and Class 2

The story of the Little Red Hen is one that is very familiar with the children in our school. The Little Red Hen story is often sung during singing sessions and recently, the story was acted out at our Harvest Festival. It therefore seemed logical to relate the 12 Days Project - Highridge being given Three French Hens for their web page - to something the children knew. We adapted the ending slightly to fit the project.

As art co-ordinator, I decided the format our page would take and, as I am not class based, had to seize every available opportunity to work with children on the artwork.

A series of collages was then produced, depicting the background for each scene of the story and the characters themselves.