Day: Seven Swans a Swimming
Work organised by: Teacher - Sarah Cheshire, LSA - Jane Tucker
Art produced by: Finch class

Finch class decided to look at the shape of swans first, by studying various bird books from the library. We discussed the shape of their necks and bodies, and the way they moved when swimming.

We then made various sketches in the sketch books of their shape and form and decided on one swan line drawing to use. We wanted them to be the same shape and size so that the images would blend into the other on the Paint Shop Pro package. The children looked at some of the images on the computer from the 12 Days project resource web site. They really seemed inspired by the changing images of faces from one of the schools in the Lake District.

The children were keen to make the swans as bright, colourful and textured as possible. They then decided which medium to use to cover the pictures.

They wanted the background to be something that the swans could swim in, and remembered the work of Monet. The chose the picture of the water lillies to have as the background.